About Us

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire - Yeats

About Harness Projects

We are a team of industry professionals and experienced educators on a mission to revolutionise education and business innovation.

Harness Projects is an online, project based learning course that unites eager learners, inspirational mentors and progressive companies. We deliver the skills needed for the future of work and business success.

We believe that effective learning needs to be personalised, live, project-based, co-created with companies and delivered by industry experts. Not a one-to-many classroom experience designed for a different era.

Our network of creative and strategic alliances removes the gap between learning and work; we harness the power of cross-industry collaboration to drive real world impact for professionals and companies.

Our Values

Harness Projects believes in the limitless potential of education, to drive positive change in ourselves and the society around us. To achieve this, we place the whole person – heart and mind, front and centre. Education is more than just a pathway to employment but a foundation for a better society. Our commitment is to support our learners and companies to play their part in creating a better, more equitable and sustainable world.

Life is filled with transformative experiences. We pride ourselves on curating opportunities for positive transformation; for our learners, teachers and company partners.
We're strongest when we work together. Classrooms of old may have had you working on your own, at Harness we believe in the power of a group to deliver great outcomes
We won't do the work for you but we'll meet you where you're at, every step of the way.
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