Chris Ventura
co-founder & director

Chris is a product guy who has spent the last 15 years leading digital teams including product managers, UX designers and developers. He is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for education and the role it plays in society.

As a Uni student, Chris was disillusioned by the traditional approach of education and set out to carve his own path, learning by doing, while working on projects with leading companies. This journey played a large role in inspiring the Harness Projects learning concept. Focusing on the development of individuals across technical skills and attitudinal strengths in the ripe sandbox of real world projects.

Now, Chris is passionate about leveraging the power of the learning market to contribute to meaningful social causes. United with Mike on a journey to make positive social change and change people's lives through education, one project at a time.

Michael O’Brien
co-founder & director

Mike is a creative who’s passionate about the future of work and learning. His background in brand experience for digital and spatial design has led to the creation of numerous retail, hospitality, residential and educational offerings - both at home in Australia and internationally over the past 30 years.

He strongly believes that to create memorable experiences - both offline and online, you need to put the user at the centre and design with the intention to take people on a journey. Always keen to learn more, Mike is passionate about redefining the experience of education and is inspired by new combinations and collaborations to drive more sustainable and equitable futures.


Our Story

When Chris and Mike started Harness Projects, they were inspired by their own extensive experience in education to deliver learning in more powerful and meaningful ways.

Harness Projects is a learning experience that unites and empowers both individuals and industry with the skills needed to adapt and thrive in rapidly changing environments.

Harness Projects and its team of industry mentors and Company partners are now helping to change lives and grow social impact organisations and initiatives across Asia Pacific and beyond.

Our Values

Harness Projects believes in the limitless potential of education, to drive positive change in ourselves and the society around us. To achieve this, we place the whole person – heart and mind, front and centre. Education is more than just a pathway to employment but a foundation for a better society. Our commitment is to support our learners and companies to play their part in creating a better, more equitable and sustainable world.


Life is filled with transformative experiences. We pride ourselves on curating opportunities for positive transformation; for our learners, mentors and company partners.


We're strongest when we lift each other and work together. Although students will work on their own solution to the project briefs, we do encourage our student groups to collaborate and support each other on their journey to their personal learning goals.


We won't do the work for you but we'll meet you where you're at, every step of the way.

Uniting industry & education

We are dedicated to delivering education that makes a real difference to people’s lives and careers. We do this by bringing companies with real project challenges into the learning experience. We recruit the top leaders from industry to mentor the next generation of UX Designers, Product Managers and Digital Marketers so they have the best chance possible of a fulfilling and prosperous career.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire - YEATS

Our impact

The projects we curate with our company partners focus on social impact initiatives. There are many challenges in the world around us and Harness Projects aims to develop the next generation of world-changers by getting them working on some of the world's most pressing issues from the start, on real projects, with real impact.

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