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New Projects & Packages are launched with companies throughout the year. Each with a unique brief and skill focus area to get you job-ready.

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Career Launcher Packages

Mentored by industry experts you will complete 3 projects and come away with a fully fledged UX portfolio. You will complete a 9-week fundamental project to get you across the end to end UX process. Then deep dive into advanced research & wireframing techniques over two 7-week specialisation projects. Upon completion, land a new job within 90 days or receive a FREE project to further your learning and grow your portfolio.

The project companies

Our projects respond to the needs of our partner companies and therefore change with each package. You’ll develop a portfolio that includes the most current business challenges from global leaders and social impact companies.

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The mentors you’ll learn from

Every project is facilitated and supported by a proven expert in their field. You’ll be hands on learning from the best with workshops every week.

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UX Design Package

NEXT START DATES    - Oct 2020 & Feb 2021
Single Projects

Standalone projects are ideal for people looking to broaden their knowledge of UX or get an introduction to the end to end UX process. Choose from any of our available 9-week fundamental or 7-week specialisation projects below.

UX Design
  • Fundamentals
  • STARTS 4th AUG 2020
Angus & Robertson UX Project Aug20
This brief will focus on re-designing a key component of the Angus & Robertson website
Lara Atechian
Head of UX |
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Recently closed projects
UX Design
  • Project Closed
This brief will focus on the design of a mobile app to support the reporting and rescue of injured wildlife.
Andrew Doherty
Former UX Manager |
UX Design
  • Project Closed
This brief will focus on conducting advanced research into the One Roof target audience and their co-working needs during this time of social distancing
UX Design
  • Project Closed
This brief will focus on re-designing the FetchTV mobile app
Matt Webb
Head of UX |
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