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Real projects.
Real companies.
Real experience.

Harness Projects connects adult learners and companies through real world projects

Project-based learning with leading brands means you get certified skills AND relevant experience. Boost your career in just 9 weeks!
Every Harness Project offers
A Killer Portfolio
of certified skills and hands-on experience with a genuine project. Hello interviews!
An Industry Expert
as your mentor. Learn current skills directly from senior UX Design and Digital Marketing professionals.
Flexible Learning
all projects are part-time, run via LIVE online workshops. Easy to fit around your lifestyle.
UX Design
Your experienced UX Design mentor will coach you in:

UX Fundamentals

User Research

User Journey Mapping





Usability Testing


Information Architecture

and more..

Digital Marketing
Your experienced Digital Marketing mentor will coach you in:

Introduction to Marketing

Customer Research

Brand Persona’s

Customer Value Proposition

Marketing Funnels

Marketing models

Content Engagement Plans

Channel Marketing

and more..

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I thoroughly enjoyed working on this course. It has expanded my mind and knowledge and I have grown as a person professionally and personally. The brief was definitely a challenging task, but with the help, guidance and encouragement of our mentor, it made me realise I wouldn't have had it any other way
Chris Luu
I can’t speak highly enough of this course! It was a transformative experience that exceeded my expectations and set me up with the confidence and practical skills to apply for a Junior UX role, and that is exciting!
Lisa Jeanette Bentham
Great for those who want to get into UX - this is an excellent way to get hands on experience, working with a company on a real project. It is short but you’ll learn lots and quickly!
Angie Heisel

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