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Projects Available

Yello UX Design

Mentored by Yummii Ong-Tran Chief Customer Experience @ TravelGenie

The brief: Research and design an ‘Uber’ style last mile delivery service for everyday people.


Birth Beat Digital Marketing Project

Mentored by Nell Norman-Nott ex-Head of Marketing @ Linkedin

The brief: Develop a digital marketing strategy for Birth Beat, a leading platform for antenatal mums


Australian Film and Telvision School UX Design

Mentored by Ken Wong, ex-Head of UX at Fairfax

The brief: Research & design a digital learning experience for teachers and students in primary & secondary schools.


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What students are saying

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this course. It has expanded my mind and knowledge and I have grown as a person professionally and personally. The brief was definitely a challenging task, but with the help, guidance and encouragement of our mentor, it made me realise I wouldn't have had it any other way

Chris Luu

Student Showcase

Skydive Australia UX Project

Angeline Heisel

The Challenge:Skydive Australia is looking to increase their bookings by re-thinking the user experience of their website.

The company seems to be losing a good percentage of their visitors, due to a poor booking experience. A lot of customers drop out at the cart, before getting the chance to finalise their purchase.
Throughout this project, we wanted to find out the reasons of this considerable abandon, and provide a new, effective solution.

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ThanksBox UX Project

Chris Luu

The Challenge: The main objective for this user insights research report is to understand what are milestones for millennials. Other objectives are to uncover what engages millennials in their jobs, their pain points and what can lead to retention in their jobs.

The insights that I have concentrated my ideation and solution on are:
- Recognition: Leads to the feeling of being valued, there is not enough recognition in the modern day workforce & that recognition can come from anyone.
- Milestones: There are only a few milestones that are common throughout all types of jobs, but milestones in general will differ depending on type of job and needs to be customised per individual
- Celebrations of Milestones: Can be celebrated through a shout out to be awarded a meaningful gift

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Women Love Tech UX Project

Beth Parry

The Challenge: Help Women Love Tech build an online & offline community for women in technology.

Currently Women Love Tech as a platform and online/offline space has so much unrealized potential. My aim with the following three recommendations, is to help Robyn consolidate and progress WLT forward in achieving:

1. What females interested in technology want to see more of, in order to increase engagement
2. Generating new business and revenue opportunities
3. A staged approach; a roadmap that will ideally roll out across the next 12 months, to be as time and cost efficient as possible

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