Meet Your Mentors

Receive guidance from the world's leading UX Design, Cyber Security and Product Management practitioners. All of our mentors have extensive experience in their field and are active industry leaders.


UX Design

Chad Rupp

Chad Rupp has over 20 years of experience in the field of UX design, providing value across multiple sectors, including creating digital experiences for high-profile celebrities, providing innovative e-commerce solutions for major companies such as OfficeMax and Hyatt hotels. Chad has also spent time at large tech companies like eBay, Indeed, and Amazon where he currently works as the Senior UX Designer, designing experiences for customers in the B2B space. Outside of crafting user experiences, Chad loves to spend his free time with his family, creating music, and working out. Chad is passionate about mentorship and sharing his knowledge with the next generation of designers.

Rina Tambo Jensen

UX Manager Google
Rina Tambo Jensen is a seasoned and accomplished UX Leader, known for her expertise in managing and scaling teams across design and research. Currently serving as a UX Manager for Google's Search Ads team, Rina leads a team of designers and researchers in building better user experiences for search advertising. With a broad background in the tech industry, Rina has worked on open-source products, developer tooling, and mass consumer products such as Before joining Google, Rina held senior leadership roles at Mozilla and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, leading distributed UX teams from across the world. At Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Rina led UX research and design for Science products, leading innovative product explorations through human-centered design methods. At Mozilla, Rina led Design, UX Engineering, and UXR for their Open Innovation team, running strategy, delivery, and optimization of new and existing products. Rina is an expert in design and technology innovation, with a focus on designing and launching breakout products and services. She believes in building purpose-driven businesses and aligning thoughts, words, and actions. Throughout her career, Rina has shown exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of user needs, making her a valuable asset to any team she leads.

Sarah Young

Sarah is a Senior Experience Designer, originally from London, now living in Sydney after a brief stint in Berlin. She is currently working at AGL Energy, reimagining the sales funnel to make energy less confusing for customers. She discovered her passion for UX through working as a recruitment consultant, which lead to her changing career twelve years ago. Through her experience and as a recruitment consultant and changing her own career, Sarah's learned valuable lessons on how to secure a job in the design industry and is excited to pass them onto the next generation of UX designers. Since shifting careers roughly a decade ago, Sarah has worked for a mixture of design agencies and direct with clients and her projects have covered both native apps and responsive websites. She loves user research, AB testing, bringing stakeholders together on the journey, and is also a huge Figma nerd.

Renee Wyatt

Senior Experience Researcher Commonwealth Bank
Renee has spent 15+ years as a research professional, helping a wide range of companies unlock customer empathy and build transformational products. Currently a Senior Experience Researcher at CommBank, she leads strategic UX research discovery and delivery projects for the CommBank app. Prior to her time at the Bank, she worked in research consultancies conducting projects for various technology and blue chip companies, start ups and NGOs. She has experience working in Australia and the UK, and has coordinated a number of international studies across Europe, New Zealand and Asia. Renee is highly skilled in a range of generative and evaluative research methodologies. As a qualitative specialist, she is a passionate advocate for creative research techniques, storytelling and distilling insight into actionable outcomes. She enjoys coaching designers and researchers in human centred design practices, encouraging them to always champion the voice of the customer.

Andrew Doherty

Andrew began working in tech when internet modems operated at 11kb per second and made that funny noise while dialing up. Most recently he has been working in stealth mode on a disruptive startup that aims to safely give every human being on earth their own artificially intelligent super powers - Simby.

Prior to Simby, Andrew was leading a UX design team at Google in Mountain View California, focusing on deep tech and the products of the future. He was responsible for envisioning, prototyping, and building product solutions that affect the daily lives of billions of human beings. He is a TEDx speaker and has worked as a technology advisor in customer experience for a number of high profile multinational organisations in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin and Sydney. With a wealth of real world experience, Andrew loves to help fellow UX designers to reach their personal or project related goals while being able to remain true to themselves, and the needs of their customers.

Natalie Troxel

Natalie is a UX researcher with experience helping answer the thorniest questions at companies ranging from small startups to the world's biggest social media company. Her industry research has focused on b2b, b2c, marketing and ads, hardware, child safety, security, privacy, consumer trust, international and cross-cultural comparisons, and health and well-being. Her research and product philosophies center user-empathy, building products that add real value, and helping teams understand every decision as a trade-off. Prior to moving into UX, she was an academic researcher studying children’s healthy emotional development, child- and family-focused public policy, and the importance of peers in healthy development. In her free time, she balances work with training her dogs, knitting, hiking, and watching entirely too many sports.

Stevie De La Cruz

Stevie is dedicated and passionate about creating meaningful products and services that help people succeed, believing that great stories make great experiences with the right amount of magic. Starting in Software Engineering and driven by his focus on solving problems, he moved towards User Experience Design. Stevie is currently a Senior UX Designer at Tesla, designing Internal Applications and working with multi-disciplinary teams to create engaging holistic experiences. He enjoys mentoring and supporting others, always willing to share his knowledge in leading teams, user experience research, product management, agile practices, and design strategy.

Wilbert Gutierrez

Willie Gutierrez is an innovative and accomplished User Experience Design Executive with over 20 years of experience. He has delivered award-winning, customer-centric products in the financial services, digital, and media industries. He has held leadership positions at companies like J.P. Morgan Chase, Time Inc., Rodale, American Media and Condé Nast.Currently, he is serving as Head of UX in the Money Movement space for US Bank, focusing on the innovation and delivery of digital payments, product strategy, strategic partnerships, ideation, and product development. He previously worked on designing and creating products for multiple platforms, both digital and print.A native of Costa Rica, he currently lives in New York with his wife and 2 children.

Paul Liddell

Senior Visual Interaction Designer Bupa
Paul is a highly accomplished UI, motion, and prototype designer with an impressive track record spanning over 10 years in diverse industries, including financial services, health insurance, healthcare and startups. Equipped with a strong foundation in graphic design and a deep understanding of technology and user-centered design principles, his work is a perfect amalgamation of creativity and functionality. Currently holding the Lead Visual Designer role at Bupa, Paul takes charge of the entire visual design process, seamlessly navigating through concepting, wireframing, and prototyping phases. Beyond his creative prowess, he also collaborates closely with developers, ensuring the smooth delivery of the final product. His passion for motion design adds a dynamic and engaging element to his creations.

Hieu Quach

Senior UX Designer Atlassian
Hieu is an empathetic and passionate UX designer. He has a decade of experience from working at an innovative agency to a fast startup environment and over the past 5 years at Atlassian helping customers adopting better collaboration tools & practices. With a background in both graphic design and human-computer interaction, he enjoys working on the entire end to end design process. During his journey, Hieu has learned a great deal from incredible mentors and now he would love to share his knowledge with the global design community.

Warner Wong

Senior Design Researcher Canva
Warner is a seasoned UX Research practitioner with a decade of experience spanning diverse industries and products. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental in shaping product strategy and guiding product roadmaps for various companies by providing valuable and actionable insights derived from his deep understanding of user behaviour. As a co-founder of his own digital design agency, "We Discover," Warner has played a pivotal role in leading the Research strategy and execution for numerous products across a wide spectrum of industries, including fintech, proptech, insuretech, and government sectors. His experience in managing and mentoring teams of researchers and designers has helped foster their professional growth and hone their research skill sets. Currently, Warner is applying his craft at Canva as a Senior Design Researcher. By uncovering user insights across Canva's large user base, he contributes to uncovering new and exciting areas for Canva to continue its exponential growth, and continue empowering everyday people to design. Notably, Warner's background as a registered Architect has provided him with a unique perspective in the realm of tech design. His passion for mixed-method research, particularly in qualitative research techniques, and his keen interest in human psychology fuel his drive to engage with users and uncover underlying motivations that influence their choices, ultimately leading to better product outcomes. As a firm believer in the balance between addressing user needs and aligning them with business objectives, Warner strives to achieve the most optimal product outcomes. His philosophy centres around striking a delicate balance between catering to users' requirements and aligning those needs with the overarching goals of a business

Becca Walsh

Senior Product Designer Intuit Mailchimp
Becca currently holds the position of Senior Product Designer at Intuit Mailchimp. With an academic background in Human Computer Interaction and Ethnographic Research, she boasts a decade of experience in both the public and private sectors. She's well-versed in various environments, from small, fast-paced dev shops to bureaucratic GovTech, as well as in-house roles in financial services and SAAS companies. Her professional interests lie in qualitative research and inclusive design, and she considers herself a Figma enthusiast. Her work often involves building intuitive component libraries for her teams. Throughout her career, she has found great value in mentoring junior designers, taking pleasure in imparting her knowledge of the design discipline to those new to the field.

Candy Crowhurst

Candy is a Senior UX/UI Designer passionate about creating digital experiences that end users will love, across multiple platforms including Mobile and Web for smart building technology. As the Senior UX Designer, Candy articulates core needs and pain points, interviewing, researching and understanding what needs are being underserved. She maintains, leads and executes research and design priorities, works closely with product, business analysts and other designers to develop prototypes to test, and finesse and evolve features for implementation. Candy is the voice of customers such as multinational consulting firms, government departments globally, legal firms, universities and more understanding the domain, context, people and the problems they have and designing experiences to solve their problems.

Matt Webb

Matt started his journey in design 22 years ago, revelled during the Flash Era, embraced the swing to accessibility and HTML & CSS, shiny web 2.0, HTML5, now the swing to user centric design and the rise of mobile and the plethora of digital devices and interfaces that now inhabit our lives.

More recently, Matt has been broadening his skills across a range of mediums & managing teams for media company Newscorp and currently running the user experience & design team at Fetch TV, Managing a 12 strong UX & Design team, based in Sydney and Kuala Lumpur covering a range of disciplines from Visual design, UI Design to UX Design and Research. Planning, designing and delivering the next generation of user interface for Fetch’s flagship TV Experience to the living rooms of over 1/2 million Australians.

Since owning his own Design Agency some years ago, Matt took a big interest in helping out and mentoring up and coming designers, he assisted in the creation and teaching of a web design course at Shillington College at the Sydney & Melbourne campuses and has given the occasional lecture at UTS in Sydney.

Elizabeth Pek

Head of UX NewsCorp

Elizabeth (Liz) is a versatile, strategic and pragmatic UX professional with 20+ years experience in designing, developing and transforming market-leading digital products and customer experiences for B2C, B2B and B2B2C businesses in both start-ups and enterprise settings. She has held many Head of UX roles in Financial Services, Telecommunications, Media, and Health and Wellness industries, working on award winning products and helping these companies build their design teams and capabilities.

Liz is passionate about creating experiences that deliver WIN-WIN for business and customer, by combining UX with agile, lean-startup and Human-Centred-Design (HCD) approaches. She enjoys working on the full customer experience life cycle from ideation, strategy & vision through to development, execution and delivery. She also loves coaching individuals and teams towards high performance, and supporting them to achieve the best versions of themselves.

Yuxi Liu

As a senior UX researcher at Coursera, Yuxi passionately advocates for users through user-centered design research and compelling storytelling. Her research insights inform both near-term design decisions and long-term product strategy. From concept testing, foundational interviews, to contextual research, Yuxi is adept at choosing the best methodology for uncovering in-depth insights within project constraints. Before joining Coursera, Yuxi worked as a design researcher in a variety of settings from an EdTech nonprofit, an education foundation, to a design agency. Prior to her pivot into UX, she was a management consultant where she honed her analytical systems thinking and presentation skills. During her spare time, she mentors junior UX researchers and volunteers on pro-bono UX projects for great causes.

Cyber Security

Wolf Von Holweg

Information Security Instructor Australian Signal Directorate
Wolf's three decades of experience in information warfare and resilience have honed his skills and made him an expert in the field of cybersecurity. He has an in-depth knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape, including the latest threats and vulnerabilities, as well as an understanding of the technical tools and strategies that organizations can use to protect themselves. Wolf is a problem solver, who has a talent for breaking down complex technical challenges into manageable and actionable steps. He is a creative thinker who is always looking for innovative ways to enhance security and reduce risk.

Job Asiimwe

McKinsey & Company Senior Security Operations Manager
Job Asiimwe is a seasoned Cyber Security Leader with a comprehensive background in Security Operations, Cloud Security, and Application Security. Currently spearheading the Senior Security Operations Manager role at McKinsey & Company, Job has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge solutions for complex cybersecurity challenges. With over a decade of experience, he has a proven track record of driving innovation, operational excellence, and building high-performing teams across various sectors. Job is not just a strategist but a hands-on leader. His approach to cybersecurity is unique, viewing it as a strategic business driver and not merely a defensive mechanism. His work involves implementing robust security measures while fostering environments that encourage growth and innovation. This philosophy has been a guiding force in his roles, where he has successfully reduced operational costs, integrated advanced security technologies, and influenced corporate cybersecurity strategies. Before his tenure at McKinsey, Job made significant impacts at Schneider Electric and Philips Healthcare, where he led teams to enhance security infrastructures and response capabilities. His educational foundation in Computer and Information Systems, combined with certifications like CISM and AWS Cloud Practitioner, underpins his deep technical expertise. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Job is deeply committed to knowledge sharing and mentorship. He maintains an active online presence where he shares insights and engages with the cybersecurity community, furthering discussions on emerging threats and innovative solutions. Job's unique blend of technical know-how, strategic thinking, and leadership skills make him a distinguished figure in the cybersecurity domain, driving forward-thinking solutions that align security with business objectives.

Efrain Orsini Jr

Head of Security Operations QAD Redzone
Efrain Orsini Jr is a seasoned cybersecurity professional with over 12 years in the industry. He's built multiple cybersecurity programs from scratch, developing bug bounty and vulnerability assessments, and implementing phishing programs. Efrain has spent time understanding & implementing AI/machine learning while reducing cyber risks with scalable solutions/techniques. He's also dedicated and passionate about helping others grow and succeed, as evident by him creating an 8-week program for cybersecurity interns while at Conquest Cyber. He currently holds multiple certifications including CISM, CDPSE, CRISC, CCSK and is attending Carnegie Mellon University for their CISO program. When he's not focused on work, he loves spending time with his wife, their two children, and two dogs.

Khalid Ebrahimi

Senior Penetration Tester Gridware
Khalid Ebrahimi is a highly accomplished Senior Penetration Tester leading offensive security engagements for diverse industries including, public sectors, finance industries, cryptocurrency platforms, and legal industries. Armed with the OffSec Certified Professional (OSCP) certificate, my expertise covers a broad spectrum of security engagements, including but not limited to web application testing, mobile security, network security, social engineering, and red teaming. Khalid has built his reputation by translating complex cybersecurity challenges into actionable insights, helping companies fortify their digital landscapes against increasingly sophisticated attacks. This extends to my contributions towards industry-standard methodologies that guide ethical hacking and vulnerability assessments. Beyond the technical skills, his journey has been enriched through leading and mentoring teams of budding cybersecurity experts. This aspect of Khalid's role has not only accelerated team performance but has also been personally rewarding, as he is a keen advocate for continuous learning and professional growth. It's this leadership experience that shapes his work philosophy; understanding that the best security outcomes arise from a delicate balance of in-depth technical understanding and business acumen.

Product Management

Andrew Doherty

Andrew began working in tech when internet modems operated at 11kb per second and made that funny noise while dialing up. Most recently he has been working in stealth mode on a disruptive startup that aims to safely give every human being on earth their own artificially intelligent super powers - Simby.

Prior to Simby, Andrew was leading a UX design team at Google in Mountain View California, focusing on deep tech and the products of the future. He was responsible for envisioning, prototyping, and building product solutions that affect the daily lives of billions of human beings. He is a TEDx speaker and has worked as a technology advisor in customer experience for a number of high profile multinational organisations in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin and Sydney. With a wealth of real world experience, Andrew loves to help fellow UX designers to reach their personal or project related goals while being able to remain true to themselves, and the needs of their customers.

Carmen Famularo

Senior UX/UI Designer Icon Agency

As a senior UX and UI designer at Icon Agency, Carmen uses human-centred design to challenge assumptions and gain unique insights into her clients’ business problems. She is passionate about bringing concepts to life and delivering digital products that are functional, accessible and beautiful. Before joining Icon Agency, Carmen worked as a lead digital designer at purpose-driven development agency, a fast-growing start up and as a sole trader for social impact enterprises and nonprofits. In addition to her design experience, she has also embraced teaching opportunities at the University of Technology Sydney and Global Drive Education, helping students to develop their skills, confidence and awareness in the design and technology fields. During her spare time, Carmen enjoys the more wholesome things in life like camping, yoga and plant-based cooking as well as volunteering her time to social causes like clean-up days and being a long standing council member at the Australian Graphic Design Association.

Onur Ekinci

CEO Calctree

Onur's specialisation is in building the product vision, strategy and function in early stage startups. Joining these companies from as early as under $20m valuation, and growing them in close collaboration with executive teams to over $250-$500M valuation and on their way to becoming Australia's next unicorns.

He is a strong business leader, who is passionate about designing, building and launching beautiful, delightful products. His experience covers a variety of industries, such as edtech, healthtech, fintech, proptech, which gives him a well rounded view on what it takes to win in any market.

Nima Idelkhani

Head of Growth Archistar

With 15+ years of Product, Design and UX experience including numerous start-up and enterprise successes with global brands, some say Nima knows a thing or two about designing products that people want.

After a decade of mastering his craft, in 2017 Nima co-founded 'We Discover' a customer-centric digital agency focused on creating meaningful experiences and after creating a multimillion-dollar business in under 3 years he took his next big challenge, becoming the Chief Product Officer in 2020 at an emerging prop-tech company. He aimed to prove that a 100% customer-centred approach will deliver the most desired and profitable product to market irrespective of how "old and resistant to change" the industry is.

Nima has extensive experience and skill in business and product strategy, understanding human behaviours and desires and knowing how to merge it all to find the best product-market fit.