Harness the power of the adult learning market to improve your customer experience or digital marketing.

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to create a project

Provide a User Experience Design or Digital Marketing brief to a team of adult professionals learning technical and behavioural skills, led by an industry expert and get solutions in 9-10 weeks.

Solve business challenges
Post a brief to our cohort of learners and receive 10-12 solutions over a 7-9 week period
Crowdsource innovation
Access the benefit of the crowd by getting input on your business from adult professionals from a variety of backgrounds
Find or develop great talent
Observe adult professionals from outside or inside your business work on a 7-9 week project. A great way to find new talent or develop your own.

How do Harness projects work?

We define your project brief
We work with you to identify your business challenge and create a project brief.
We construct a project team
We recruit a team of adult professionals learning UX design or digital marketing to address your project brief.
We deliver the project
Harness will assign an expert practitioner and mentor from industry to guide the project team. Over 9-10 weeks, they will meet weekly for a 3 hour online workshop and develop solutions to your business challenge. You have the opportunity to be involved in these workshops to provide feedback and enhance the output of the project team.
You review pitch presentations
On completion of the project, each learner will pitch their unique solution to your business challenge. You will have the chance to provide feedback. Like what you see? Take the ideas further and hire talent from the project team.

Choose from some of our current UX Design Project templates

This project focuses on an in-depth user experience analysis of your project brief. Run over 9 weeks, our curated project team will conduct research, develop user personas and user journey maps to inform a final prototype solution to your business brief.

9 weeks
A UX report (including research outcomes, personas and user journey maps.
A prototyped solution to your business challenge.
Great For:
  • Getting the ball rolling for a new product in an untapped market
  • Refreshing an existing product to better meet your customer needs
  • A first step in taking any new product idea to market
  • A website or app re-design
  • Adding a new user journey to an existing product – the list is endless!

This project focuses on mobile user experience for a new or existing product. Run over 7 weeks, our curated project team will take into consideration the nuances of a mobile user experience to deliver a prototype that meets your business needs.

7 weeks
A mobile UX prototype
Great For:
  • Taking an idea for a mobile app forward
  • Redesigning an existing mobile user experience to better meet the
    needs of your customers

This project focuses on conducting in-depth primary and secondary research with your customers or potential customers. Run over 7 weeks, our curated project team will apply rigorous research methods to report back insights to your project brief.

7 weeks
A research report
Great For:
  • Exploring a new market, idea or customer segment
  • Supporting business decision making prior to capital investment
  • Competitor analysis

This project focuses on conducting usability testing on an existing digital product, website or app. Run over 6 weeks, our curated project team will apply a variety of usability testing methodologies to deliver insights and recommendations to enhance the KPI’s of your product, website or app.

6 weeks
A usability testing report
  • Great For:
    • Gauging the effectiveness of an existing product, app or website in
      terms of usability
    • Learning what usability improvements could be applied to an
      existing product, website or app.
    • Generating improved ROI on sales & conversion funnels

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