Terms and Conditions


    1. Fees may be paid by: Upfront or via part payment.
    2. If you withdraw up to 7 days before the start of your Harness Project, all fees except a 10% administration charge will be refunded or the fees may be credited in full towards another Harness Project.
    3. If you withdraw within 7 days of the start of the program, or after the project commences (Week 1), tuition fees are non-refundable.
    4. If an enrollment is terminated for your failure to comply with the behaviour and conduct we expect of adult learners in similar courses, fees are non-refundable.
    5. As a condition of your participation in the Project, you agree that the Company owns the intellectual property in all ideas, concepts, brands or materials (IP Rights) generated or provided by you during or in respect of the Project. You may use the work for presentation in your personal portfolio and during the project itself but no other licence or rights exist to use for any purpose.
    6. As a condition of your participation in the Project , you agree to not disclose any sensitive information that is passed on to you from the Company representative to any other parties.
    7. If a mentor has to pull out of a project due to unforeseen circumstances, Harness will endeavor to replace the mentor with as little disturbance to the project delivery as possible. Harness Projects are indemnified of any liability to refund students in the event of an unavoidable situation that requires the replacement of the assigned mentor.


Our code of conduct is:

      1. All due respect is provided to the Company (and its representatives). They are supporting the Project, providing time and expertise, and helping you to maximise your experience and
      2. All due respect is provided to the Industry Expert leading the Project and to all other people in your Project cohort.
      3. You will act respectfully and professionally at all times.
      4. You use your best efforts to participate in the Project in a timely and committed manner as contemplated by project schedule in the Project information Pack.
      5. You should refrain for the use of any profane, discriminatory or insensitive language or remarks (either verbally or in written form) which:

• may offend or damage the Company’s brand or reputation;
• may offend Company representatives;
• may offend others in your Project cohort or adversely affect their Project
experience; and
• may offend your Project Mentor/industry mentor.

    1. you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and agree to be bound by them;
    2. you will abide by our reasonable directions as to the conduct and behaviour expected of you during the program;
    3. you may pay all course fees prior to commencing the program or as agreed to with Harness Projects; and;
    4. the information provided in the Application for Enrolment is correct.