One night each week, you'll attend a live digital 'Zoom' workshop from 6pm-9pm AEST. The night will depend on the course you have selected.

These workshops are your opportunity to come together with your team and your mentor to discuss the learning themes from the week. The mentor is your bridge between the learning material and the practical application of the skills you're learning on the project.

Weekly Workshops

During all of our projects, the company clients will attend key webinars so that you can get the feedback and insights you need to move your project forward. You will run requirements gathering workshops with them, present your research findings and pitch your solution to them in the final week of the project.

These projects are a great chance to hone your stakeholder management skills and get a feel for the variety of client responses that happen in a real world UX environment.

Client Involvement

Collaboration tools

You will have access to top cloud based collaboration tools to ensure you stay well connected to your peers and mentor. These are commonly used tools in most industries and getting comfortable with using them for remote collaboration is an increasingly important skill you'll need at work.


Slack is a private chat platform used to maintain day to day communication with your fellow learners and mentor. You don’t have to wait until the next workshop to get support from your mentor!


Trello is a card-based project management tool that will provide a birds-eye view of your project and what is required of you each week.


Miro is a tool your mentor may use to collaborate on research synthesis and the creation of various UX artifacts like personas and journey maps and product artifacts like the business model canvas.

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Curriculum Partners

Harness Projects has partnered with industry leading curriculum providers including Linkedin Learning, the Interaction Design Foundation and We integrate key lessons from these providers into your weekly learning plan, ensuring you have the correct concepts fresh in your mind before attending the weekly workshops.

Depending on the course you select, students will be granted 6 - 12 months free access to some or all of the above partners. You can extend your learning even further by diving into the extra course material available with our curriculum partners.


Final Presentation

You will have 15 minutes to present your solution to the client in the final week and will receive feedback from them as well as your mentor. Formal feedback will be provided by your mentor via your final assessment at the conclusion of each project.

Presentations are conducted over Zoom typically between 7pm-9pm AEST.

How employable are you really?

Assessment & Certification

In consultation with world-leading psychologists and leading hiring managers, Harness Projects has developed a world-first employability score-card for UX Design, Product Management & Digital Marketing. This breaks down the exact areas of focus you need to ensure your employability in either of these disciplines. Throughout all of our projects, our mentors will be assessing your performance and growth across a series of technical skills and attitudinal strengths. You will receive action steps and feedback for areas requiring focus.

Employability Scorecard

At the conclusion of each project, you will receive a certification that is co-signed by your mentor and a stakeholder from the participating company. This document can be used on your Linkedin and CV to provide hiring managers evidence that you have completed a real world project with one of our company partners.

Certificate with BG

Individual or Group work?

At Harness Projects, we want you to complete individual solutions to project briefs. This ensures that you can demonstrate the skills you have learnt on your own unique portfolio piece.

Although you are working to your own solution, you will still collaborate with the other students during the research phase of applicable projects. We always encourage the sharing of insights to help drive better outcomes for you and our company partners.


At Harness Projects, you will never be in a student group larger than 12! We believe that this is the maximum needed to still deliver an effective learning experience. It's an industry first and ensures that our students will receive significant contact time with their mentor during workshops and throughout the weeks.

Small Class Sizes

Learn from expert mentors

Andrew Doherty
Former UX Manager
Elizabeth Pek
Head of UX
Ken Wong
Senior UX Designer
Andrew Hiles
Senior UX Manager

Our Projects

Harness Projects offer project-based learning courses in UX Design, Product Management and Digital Marketing. If you’re looking to upskill or change careers, we have a course for you.

Our UX Design courses will get you learning UX Design on real company projects. Choose from our 7-9 week Upskiller short-course or 6-month Career Launcher course.

Career Launcher UX Course
  • Ideal for those looking to launch a UX Design career
  • Develop a portfolio of 3 real company projects
  • Fits around your busy life - 7-10 hours per week
  • Job-ready in 6 months
Upskiller UX Course
  • Ideal for those looking to learn the fundamentals of UX Design
  • Ideal for those who want UX skills and experience to grow their current career
  • Complete 1 real world project
  • 7-10 hours per week
  • Graduate in 7-9 weeks

Our Product Management course will get you learning Product Management skills on real company projects.

Upskiller Product Management Course
  • Ideal for those upskilling in Product Management
  • Complete 1 real world project
  • 7-10 hours per week
  • Graduate in 7-9 weeks

Our Digital Marketing course will get you learning Digital Marketing skills on real company projects.

Upskiller Digital Marketing Course
  • Ideal for those upskilling in Digital Marketing
  • Complete 1 real world project
  • 7-10 hours per week
  • Graduate in 7-9 weeks