Learn Digital Marketing

On real-world projects with industry leading mentors Part-time & online via live workshops

Who is this course for?

Harness Projects offers far more than an online digital marketing course; here you learn digital by doing digital. We believe strongly in project based learning, a framework most similar to real life working scenarios.  You’ll not only benefit from the digital marketing curriculum content, but will also apply your skills to a real-world business project.

This course is for you if you are looking to up-skill or move into digital marketing. You may have a basic understanding of marketing, but are looking to gain more knowledge and experience on a real-world project.

Delivery Online via live workshops

Study load Part-time (7-10 hours per week)

Length of project 9 weeks

Class size Max of 12 students

Next intakes April, May, July, September

Fees Payment plan available, pay over 4 weeks

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Skills you'll learn

Harness Projects have been formed through a collaborative effort from industry experts and academic’s with over 40 years experience in their collective fields.  Our Project based learning framework means you get to develop not only your technical skills in user experience design but also your workplace behavioral skills, now the most important skills companies look for when hiring new talent.

Introduction to Marketing
Learn about the role of marketing in business
What is a lead
Learn about what a lead is and its place in the marketing mix
Valuing a lead (cost per lead)
Learn about how to value a lead in a marketing model
Customer Value Proposition Framework
You will demonstrate an ability to bring together all of your research and analysis into a CVP framework that becomes a guideline for how a particular customer segment should be engaged with.
Lifetime value
Learn about a customers life time value and how to calculate it
Customer Research
Customer research is the backbone of great UX design. Ultimately, we are designing for others and learning how to get outside of our own biases and into the shoes of an end-user is both an art and a science that we will be teaching you. One on one interviews are one of the more commons styles of customer research and you will get an opportunity to conduct interviews with end users and learn to draw out key insights from those sessions so they can inform your design.
Defining Target Audiences
You will demonstrate an ability to research and identify the correct target audience relative to the project brief. You will outline this audience with sufficient detail to inform the subsequent parts of your digital marketing strategy.
Customer Acquisition Costs
Learn about the cost to acquire a customer and how to calculate it
Email Campaigns
You will demonstrate an ability to determine if an email campaign strategy is appropriate based off the CVP framework you have developed for the identified customer. If so, you will demonstrate how an email campaign can be used to support the marketing & brief objectives.
Marketing Funnels
You will demonstrate an understanding of how marketing funnels work and you will apply this technique to your marketing strategy. You will accurately define the funnel and how each stage relates to your customers purchase journey
Search Engine Optimisation
You will demonstrate an ability to determine if an SEO campaign strategy is appropriate based off the CVP framework you have developed for the identified customer. If so, you will demonstrate how an SEO campaign can be used to support the marketing & brief objectives.
You will demonstrate empathy by listening to your end-users and stakeholders and appropriately translating their needs, motivations and pain points into your final recommendation solution. A number of important factors contribute your over empathy as a working professional. This includes compassion for your colleagues and customers, an openess to alternative ideas and ways of working, a curiousity to understand others on a deeper level and the social awareness to foresee the impacts of the work you contribute.
Real-world projects can bring unexpected challenges and opportunities. Just like a real-world work environment, your capability for resourcefulness can go a long way to securing a successful career. Your mentor will guide you and assess you on your ability to demonstrate self-direction when required, problem solving, project management and your openess to learning from circumstances that arise. We focus on this to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the internal resourcefulness to excel in the workplace.
Agile Behaviours
Agile behaviors consist of specific traits including self-reflection, resilience, creativity and a growth mindset. When brought together, these skills contribute to an individual who has the ability to stay agile in a changing work environment and a capacity to evolve to take advantage of opportunities for growth.
The best solutions are most often formed through the input of multiple people. In modern work environments, small team collaboration is an increasingly sought after skill by employers, as agile ways of working are adopted that bring together multiple disciplines around a unified challenge. You will get an opportunity to develop your interaction ability with others, teamwork & leadership and well as demonstrate your initiative and contribution to the wider group.
You will demonstrate competency in communication by successfully transmitting your ideas, thinking processes and solution in a way that is easily understood by others. Your mentor will observe and assess your competency across a number of communication related skills including; Listening, Presence, Articulation and Inclusivity.
A tried and true skill for any professional is the ability to present your ideas to an audience and effectively transmit the intended message. You will have the opportunity to strengthen your presentation skills in front of a live company stakeholder at the conclusion of your project. You will be mentored to demonstrate an effective use of introductions and leaving your audience with a memorable conclusion/message. Along with guidance on structuring your ideas, how you engage with your audience and your onscreen presence when conducting your presentation.


Student Case-studies

Want to know what it's like to learn on a real-world project? Check our a recent case study from Chris Luu, graduate of our ThanksBox UX Project that ran from March to May 2018.


By completing a Harness Project you will receive a certification from Harness Projects, co-signed by the company partner on your project. This acknowledges that you worked on a live project for the company as well as what Digital Marketing skills you have been recommended for on the project. You are free to add this Digital Marketing certification and real world experience to your Linkedin profile to prove you have been through a live Digital Marketing project.