Job Guarantee

Harness Project’s Career Launcher 6 months job guarantee

Harness Projects is committed to helping you get the skills and experience you need to secure employment. This commitment has led to the creation of 3 key product features in our project based learning offering:

  1. Real company briefs to give you experience and build a killer portfolio.
  2. Mentorship from leading industry practitioners so that you are learning from the best.
  3. A scorecard that improves your employability through skills progression tracking.

We passionately believe that our package project offering is the best way for you to simultaneously get the experience, skills and attributes required to secure employment. So, if completing 6 months of job searching after our full package offering of 3 Harness Projects, and if after meeting the eligibility criteria below, you have not secured employment, Harness Projects will offer you a seat on another Harness project (valued at up to $3400 incl GST) to help you further develop your skills and employability.

At Harness Projects, we understand that great outcomes are directly proportional to the amount of effort we put in to our own growth and development, and the following requirements reflect those met by successful Package Project job seekers. They are intended to demonstrate the journey toward receiving a 6 month job guarantee and landing a dream job.

1. As a Harness Package Projects graduate, you must meet all eligibility requirements in order to give yourself the best chance of achieving employment

You will demonstrate this with the following activities:

  • You have completed and received certification for all 3 projects in the Harness Projects Package offering.
  • Maintaining 85% attendance for each of the 3 projects.
  • You are able to show your active engagement with your team, mentor and company client via Harness Projects’ main communication tools e.g. Zoom and Slack.
  • You are able to show engagement with and completion of all IDF course content as well as with all other learning tools provided throughout the package project experience.
  • You are able to show a proactive approach to receiving support from Harness Projects throughout the package project program.
  • You are able to show compliance with all Harness Projects Terms and Conditions.
  • You are eligible to work in Australia or New Zealand.
  • You are actively seeking roles in major cities limited to; (All Australian capital cities or Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch in New Zealand)
  • You are over 18 years of age.
  • Evidence that all fees have been paid prior to completion of the Harness Project’s Package Project offering.
  • A minimum average achievement of a Junior rating on the Harness Projects employability score-card for both your technical and attitudinal skills by the end of your course. I.e. at least 2 projects should be scored by your mentor as Junior or above across both skill groups.

2. As a Harness Package Projects graduate, you must demonstrate your commitment to obtaining employment and creating a competitive edge:

You will demonstrate this with the following activities:

  • If offered, engaging with all 1 on 1, group coaching and portfolio activities provided by Harness Projects to help you in your job search.
  • Creating an industry ready portfolio of work within 1 month of completing the package project offering. All 3 complete projects must be included in the digital portfolio.
  • Submit all job application documents (portfolio, resume, linkedin profile) for review by Harness Projects on the stated deadlines at the start of the program. Failure to submit these documents on time will forfeit your enrolment in the Job Guarantee program.
  • Submitting a minimum of 4 job applications a week. You must keep track of and provide if required, all detail and communications connected with your applications within the 6 months job guarantee period e.g. employer, date of submissions, position. The applications must also meet the skill level you have achieved in the program as moderated and agreed with Harness Projects.
  • Establishing meaningful connections with at least (3) industry professionals each week. This can be done via Twitter, Linkedin or via email.
  • Demonstrating your attendance/engagement with any local networking events e.g. meetup groups, recruiting and career events etc.
  • Attending any scheduled meetings to discuss your job search with Harness Projects. If cancellation is necessary, 24 hours notice must be provided.
  • Responding within 48 hours to any attempt made by Harness Projects to contact you regarding your job search.
  • Accepting all offers that match your ability and expectations.

Our Offer:

  • If a Harness Projects graduate does not secure employment within 6 months of completing the Harness Project package offering and meets the eligibility criteria set out in sections 1 and 2 above, Harness Projects will offer the graduate a seat (valued $3300 Inc GST) free of charge, on any available current or future project where places are available and within 9 months of completion of the Harness Projects Package. You must make the request to join an additional project within 1 month of the expiry of the 6 month job guarantee after which the offer expires.  The offer is not transferable to any other persons or entities.
  • The guarantee does not apply if, and Harness Projects is not otherwise liable for any reason, if a graduate loses a job.
  • Harness Projects does not guarantee jobs with participating company partners.
  • If a Harness Projects graduate does not pass any background or reference checks in seeking employment, the guarantee does not apply and Harness Projects is not otherwise liable.
  • Harness Projects may audit a graduate at any point within the job guarantee program to monitor their progress and ensure adherence to terms.
  • Harness Projects is entitled to involve a third party in its efforts to help you receive a job within the 6-month period.
  • The Harness Project’s 6-month job guarantee applies only to students who enrol under these terms and conditions.