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Upskiller - Product Management Course

Looking to learn the fundamentals of Product Management? Or upskill in a specialisation area? Our Upskiller Product Management course will get you working on a live company project while you learn Product Management skills.

Learn Product Management
This course is ideal for those who are looking to:
  • Add Product Management skills to their existing capabilities (Marketers, UX Designers, Business Analysts, Project Managers etc!)
  • Learn the fundamentals of the Product Management process
  • Looking to extend their existing product skills
  • Looking for real product experience



  • Delivery Online via live Zoom workshops
  • Total projects 1
  • Course Duration 7-9 Weeks
  • Study load Part-time (7-10 hours per week)
  • Class size Max of 12 students
  • Next intakes March, May, July, August
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Learn from expert Product Management mentors

Michal Weiss
Senior Product Manager
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Nima Idelkhani
Head of Growth
Andrew Doherty
Former UX Manager
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How employable and you really?

Certification and Employability

In consultation with world-leading psychologists and leading Product Management hiring managers, Harness Projects has developed a world-first employability score-card for Product Managers. This breaks down the exact areas of focus you need to ensure your employability in Product Management. Throughout all of our Harness Projects, our mentors will be assessing your performance and growth across a series of 36 technical skills and attitudinal strengths. Over 50 Product Management hiring managers have mapped the capabilities we are assessing you on to real world salary ranges for Junior through to Senior Product Managers

Employability Scorecard

At the conclusion of each project, you will receive a certification co-signed by your mentor and a stakeholder from the participating company. This document can be used on your Linkedin and CV to provide hiring managers evidence that you have completed a real world project with one of our company partners.

Certificate with BG

How does project-based learning work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Product management is a key factor in the development, market positioning and pricing of products. One of the main aims of product management is to ensure that customers’ needs and desires are fully represented at the design and development stages, resulting in the creation of better and more popular products. Our product management courses and projects cover all the key areas you will need to be familiar with — from tech knowledge to business insights and UX skills.

Product Managers start each project by researching markets and the demands of potential customers. They then use the knowledge gained from this research to shape new product development strategies and work closely with the team that will bring them to life. Taking one of our product management short courses is an excellent way to upskill or change careers and become a product manager. We pair online learning with the opportunity to participate in real-life projects for a valuable experience that prospective employers will appreciate.

A good Product Manager should have excellent data collection and analysis skills and be familiar with the most popular spreadsheet and analysis software applications. When you take one of our product management courses online, you will have the chance to familiarise yourself with the tools and processes most commonly used in product management jobs and learn how to collect and analyse different types of data effectively.

Product Managers are in high demand in various industries. Your career options will depend, to a certain extent, on your previous experience, as you might be able to leverage existing product or industry knowledge. Rest assured that the skills you learn during our product management certification courses are all you need to do well in your first position. Our courses focus on your future employability and are geared towards facilitating you in finding a lucrative role.

Our certification courses for Product Managers are perfect for people interested in adding to their existing skill set and those who are considering a career change. If you currently work in marketing, business analysis or project management and you would like to make yourself more palatable for a promotion, you’ll find our Product Management Upskiller courses have much to offer. Similarly, if you are just joining the workforce and are looking for a complete course that will teach you everything there is to know about product management, our product management certification courses will do that as well as provide you with invaluable real-life experience.

We believe that our courses are the best online product management courses available. What makes them superior to others is the chance to work alongside experienced professionals on a real project for a leading company. Our product management short courses cover all the theory and technical skills required, with a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare you for any challenges arising in your new role. Contact us now to enrol in the best product management certification program available online.