An Askable Partnership

Recently, Harness Projects teamed up with to provide our students an extra avenue for sourcing interview candidates for their projects.

Askable is a platform that enables you to recruit the exact participants you need for user testing, face to face interviews or un-moderated online tasks. Harness Projects students will now be able to access the Askable platform to post their interview requirements and source candidates for one on one interviews.

One of the key tasks in any UX Design project is getting a deep understanding of the end user you’re designing for. In our UX design projects here at Harness Projects we ask students to conduct interviews with real end users as part of their project-based learning tasks. From interviewing users likely to offset air travel carbon emissions via our Qantas project, to learning about the needs of food courts patrons on our OzHarvest project to reduce single use plastics, every project has a different type of user, context, need and pain point to learn about.

This not only helps to streamline the interview process for our students but also teaches them an important project management skill they will need to become proficient at when performing the role of a UX Designer in the corporate world. The Askable platform is used for UX candidate sourcing by leading Australia companies such as NRMA,, Woolworths, Domino’s, Qantas and many more.

We’re excited to be working closely with another great Australia startup in the UX space to make the world of designing great user experiences more accessible to our students and ultimately the companies that build the products and services we use every day.