Empowering with UX: Intellectual Disability & Inclusive Design

At Harness Projects, we firmly believe in the power of user experience (UX) design to create inclusive digital platforms that empower everyone, including those individuals living with intellectual disability. Our recent partnership with Me Plus More, an online platform dedicated to supporting people with intellectual disability, exemplifies the impact that UX design can have on enhancing user experience. In this blog, we will delve into our collaboration with Me Plus More and how our UX design learners worked to improve the accessibility and usability of their platform for individuals with intellectual disability.

The Partnership: Me Plus More and Harness Projects

Me Plus More is a provider of invaluable resources and a supportive community for individuals living with intellectual disability, supporting them to work towards independence and achieve their personal goals. Recognising the need to enhance the user experience on their platform, they sought the expertise of Harness Projects.

Understanding Intellectual Disability and User Experience

Intellectual disability can vary from person to person, impacting an individual’s ability to learn and function in daily life. Cognitive impairments can make it challenging to grasp information, concentrate, or make decisions. As an organisation committed to serving individuals with intellectual disability, Me Plus More understands the importance of ensuring their platform is intuitive, easily navigable, and accommodates varying levels of cognitive ability.

The UX Project: Enhancing the Me Plus More Platform

The UX project conducted by the talented learners at Harness Projects involved a thorough review of Me Plus More’s data and conducting usability testing sessions. They analysed pain points and identified areas for improvement, focusing on the public-facing website and the members-only section of the Me Plus More platform. The learners were also mentored throughout their journey by a Senior UX Designer who helped them hone their skills and improved their findings.

Through their meticulous analysis, the learners identified several key areas for enhancement. These included improving the onboarding process, refining page layouts, addressing navigation difficulties, optimising gamification features, and creating an accessible “My Accounts” page. Their recommendations aimed to address these pain points while prioritising the needs of individuals with intellectual disability.

The Impact: Empowering Individuals and Fostering Independence

Me Plus More’s Founder and Director, Tara Shekede, shared that “by partnering with Harness Projects and implementing the recommended UX enhancements, we are truly on the way to achieving our goal of empowering our members by increasing their confidence, improving learning outcomes, and fostering a sense of belonging within our online community. We are grateful for the dedication and expertise of the Harness Projects learners, who have helped us revolutionise our platform”.

Conclusion: Harnessing UX Design for Inclusion and Empowerment

The collaboration between Harness Projects and Me Plus More exemplifies the transformative power of UX design in empowering individuals with intellectual disability. By prioritizing accessibility, usability, and user-centered design principles, we can bridge the digital divide and create inclusive platforms that cater to the unique needs of this user group.

We are immensely proud of our UX design learners who dedicated their skills and expertise to enhance the Me Plus More platform. Together, we hope to have made significant strides in empowering individuals with intellectual disability, ensuring that they have the tools and resources to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives.

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