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This brief will focus on re-designing the FetchTV mobile app

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The Project

Mobile App Re-design
DIVE INTOAdvanced Usability & Wireframing


FetchTV is an Australian owned business, with backing from one of Asia’s leading pay TV providers, Astro All Asia Networks. They are working in partnership with leading internet service providers (ISP’s) to introduce an entirely new breed of entertainment experience featuring the best of TV, video on demand, and interactive applications.

Fetch has spent over 10 years developing market leading technology and sourcing quality content. Fetch allows customers to do all of the following in one place:
– Watch and record live TV
– Watch free-to-air On Demand channels (eg. SBS On Demand, ABC iView)
– Buy and rent movies and shows via the Fetch TV and Movie store
– Access Fetch’s paid-subscription channels (eg. Oxygen, BBC Brit)
– Access streaming apps (eg. Netflix, Stan, Youtube)

This brief focuses on the redesign of the FetchTV mobile app. During this advanced prototyping project, students are tasked with reviewing the existing customer research provided by FetchTV’s internal UX & Design team and taking that research forward to propose a redesign of the FetchTV mobile app.

Your mentor will guide you every step of the way!

your mentor
Matt Webb

Matt started his journey in design 22 years ago, revelled during the Flash Era, embraced the swing to accessibility and HTML & CSS, shiny web 2.0, HTML5, now the swing to user centric design and the rise of mobile and the plethora of digital devices and interfaces that now inhabit our lives.

More recently, Matt has been broadening his skills across a range of mediums & managing teams for media company Newscorp and currently running the user experience & design team at Fetch TV, Managing a 12 strong UX & Design team, based in Sydney and Kuala Lumpur covering a range of disciplines from Visual design, UI Design to UX Design and Research. Planning, designing and delivering the next generation of user interface for Fetch’s flagship TV Experience to the living rooms of over 1/2 million Australians.

Since owning his own Design Agency some years ago, Matt took a big interest in helping out and mentoring up and coming designers, he assisted in the creation and teaching of a web design course at Shillington College at the Sydney & Melbourne campuses and has given the occasional lecture at UTS in Sydney.

Matt's Experience
  • Head of UX @ Fetch TV
  • UX Design Director @ NewsCorp
  • Creative Director @ mobiDiction

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Skills you'll learn

No exams. No assignments.
Hands on learning from experienced industry experts.

Each of our projects aim to develop your technical UX skills as well as the attitudinal strengths that hiring managers are increasingly seeking. These skills compliment each other and it’s through their combined application where you can stand out from the pack. As part of your Career Switcher Package, you will dive deeper into the advanced techniques for each of the skills below.

Requirements gathering
All of our projects include direct access to a company stakeholder who will form the client on your project. You will get an opportunity to learn how to capture business requirements from stakeholders through a live workshop and translate this into meaningful actions to drive your design process forward.
Information Architecture
Design is about the presentation of information for human consumption. This can come in many formats and one of the techniques that helps to bridge the gap between all of the great research and design you have created into getting this into a format that can be digested by your end user is the architecture of that information. From sitemaps on websites to navigations on mobile apps or taxonomies for back-end processes. The format will vary but the goal is the same, to elegantly architect your data so it is findable, usable and useful.
Wireframes are the blueprints of the final design presented to end users. We strip out a lot of the 'aesthetics' and focus primarily on the structure of pages / screens so we can get our information structured effectively and ultimately solve the initial user tasks that were identified earlier in the design process.
UI Design
UI Design is the practice of laying out a digital experience so that the user is able to achieve their tasks in an intuitive and efficient way. We'll cover usability heuristics and best practice techniques to get your UI layouts nailing their user task goals!
Prototyping is the stitching together of your wireframes into a format that can be interacted with. Typically used for usability testing, getting feedback from stakeholder or to simply test out an interaction before investing more heavily in its development. You will get an opportunity to practice prototyping on our fundamentals and advanced usability & wireframing projects.
You will demonstrate competency in communication by successfully transmitting your ideas, thinking processes and solution in a way that is easily understood by others. Your mentor will observe and assess your competency across a number of communication related skills including; Listening, Presence, Articulation and Inclusivity.
The best solutions are most often formed through the input of multiple people. In modern work environments, small team collaboration is an increasingly sought after skill by employers, as agile ways of working are adopted that bring together multiple disciplines around a unified challenge. You will get an opportunity to develop your interaction ability with others, teamwork & leadership and well as demonstrate your initiative and contribution to the wider group.
A tried and true skill for any professional is the ability to present your ideas to an audience and effectively transmit the intended message. You will have the opportunity to strengthen your presentation skills in front of a live company stakeholder at the conclusion of your project. You will be mentored to demonstrate an effective use of introductions and leaving your audience with a memorable conclusion/message. Along with guidance on structuring your ideas, how you engage with your audience and your onscreen presence when conducting your presentation.
Real-world projects can bring unexpected challenges and opportunities. Just like a real-world work environment, your capability for resourcefulness can go a long way to securing a successful career. Your mentor will guide you and assess you on your ability to demonstrate self-direction when required, problem solving, project management and your openess to learning from circumstances that arise. We focus on this to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the internal resourcefulness to excel in the workplace.
You will demonstrate empathy by listening to your end-users and stakeholders and appropriately translating their needs, motivations and pain points into your final recommendation solution. A number of important factors contribute your over empathy as a working professional. This includes compassion for your colleagues and customers, an openess to alternative ideas and ways of working, a curiousity to understand others on a deeper level and the social awareness to foresee the impacts of the work you contribute.
Agile Behaviours
Agile behaviors consist of specific traits including self-reflection, resilience, creativity and a growth mindset. When brought together, these skills contribute to an individual who has the ability to stay agile in a changing work environment and a capacity to evolve to take advantage of opportunities for growth.
Case Studies

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Your Employability Scorecard

In consultation with world-leading psychologists and leading UX hiring managers, Harness Projects has developed a world-first employability score-card for UX designers. This breaks down the exact areas of focus you need to ensure your employability in UX. Throughout all of our Harness Projects, our mentors will be assessing your performance and growth across a series of 36 UX technical skills and attitudinal strengths.

You will receive action plans and feedback for areas requiring focus. Over 100 UX hiring managers have mapped the capabilities we are assessing you on to real world salary ranges for Junior through to Senior UX designers.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this course. It has expanded my mind and knowledge and I have grown as a person professionally and personally. The brief was definitely a challenging task, but with the help, guidance and encouragement of our mentor, it made me realise I wouldn't have had it any other way
Chris Luu
I can’t speak highly enough of this course! It was a transformative experience that exceeded my expectations and set me up with the confidence and practical skills to apply for a Junior UX role, and that is exciting!
Lisa Jeanette Bentham
Great for those who want to get into UX - this is an excellent way to get hands on experience, working with a company on a real project. It is short but you’ll learn lots and quickly!
Angie Heisel

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