Why This Company Makes Our Minds Smile

How Harness Project’s company partner Smiling Mind is changing the face of mindfulness in the modern world

I read a good quote the other day which said ‘Mediation: because some questions cannot be answered by google.’ And it’s true, with 1 in 5 Australians experiencing mental health issues every year, many of our modern day problems require more human-centred approaches than the current technology on offer. That’s where Smiling Mind comes in. They offer the best of web and app-based tools, but are also directly developed by psychologists and educators; to implement mindfulness into schools, workplaces, communities and homes.

Smiling Mind was co-founded by Jane Martino and James Tutton, out of a dream to make meditation free, practical and accessible for everyone, and also to teach their own kids these skills. And now, the Smiling Mind app is one of the biggest names in modern mindfulness, with over 2.6 million downloads and reaching over 1.5 million students. Mindfulness is now a billion dollar industry, but these guys are doing all this while being one hundred percent not-for-profit!

Smiling Mind’s capacity for a powerful vision and it’s elegant execution is something very close to our hearts at Harness Projects. Being educators in UX design, we believe in simplicity in sophistication, and products that interact meaningfully with the world.

We also believe that these skills can and must be taught, which is why we are incredibly excited to partner with Smiling Mind for one of our UX design courses starting in May 2018. This is a chance to learn real life skills, while expanding your portfolio developing the platform of one of the most impactful companies in the area of mental health.

To top it off, students on this project will be mentored by one of the leading figures in UX research, Lisa Huck. Lisa has 25 years of agency & client-side experience, including leadership roles at CommBank, Atlassian, eBay, Plantronics, and PC World, having spent half her career in Silicon Valley.

So, we warmly welcome the collaboration with Smiling Mind on our upcoming UX design project. We’re excited about all the great work to come next month!

Like to know more? Check out the Smiling Mind Projects page. Enrolment are now open!