8 tips for a successful career

The future of work is an ever changing landscape. Read on for some simple tips and areas of focus to develop a future-proof career.

1. Meet your future career head on!

Employers and global research point succinctly to a future where people will be part of a task based employment landscape and move across different projects and different employers in their career. In the past, being in the same job for 10 years got you long service leave.  In the future? NOT SO MUCH! Quite the opposite, it will be more beneficial for your employment outlook to have developed a robust set of skills across a range of employment experiences. It shows your adaptability!


It is always beneficial to look at what and how the next generation are learning to know what skills you need to brush up on and how to engage with new learning. The statistics about digital related jobs and automation in the future are staggering. But getting tech savvy is nowhere near as scary as it seems. In fact, it is fun and empowering.

3. Develop your EQ. Pretty please!

With automation and robotics changing the job landscape dramatically, emotional intelligence or EQ, as it is commonly referred to, will get you far in the future. We mean things like your ability to communicate, work in a team, have empathy, be the person other people want to work with. These are commonly referred to as soft skills and ones that you can’t just tick a box against. It’s a skill that requires practice, practice and more practice!! Our tip? Find a coach! It is a really powerful way for you develop your EQ skills

4. Value your experiences over your qualifications

Qualifications are important but increasingly they will not sustain your career, or guarantee you a job. Employers want to know what experiences you have had, and what you achieved as a result of these – i.e. the outcome! More and more jobs in the future will not require a qualification. So, experience experience experience is key!

5. It’s pays to be plugged in!

You know that old phrase it’s who you know not what you know. Developing human relationships is a skill that never goes out of fashion and will sustain your career throughout your life. So get networked: find opportunities to meet like minded individuals and people who can help you move forward in your life and career.

6. Scan the planet

Today access to knowledge is everywhere. And it’s free. So sign up to your favourite blogs, take the time to watch great TED talks and listen to podcasts of topics you love – yes even in your ‘leisure’ time. The line between work and play is getting very blurry.

7. Build you digital profile

You know that thing we said earlier about experiences over qualifications? Well, start thinking about your digital CV or Resume and how you can showcase these experiences to an employer. It will be far more impactful than a whole lot of letters after your name. Sorry, but it’s true and we know how hard that is to hear, because we’ve got those letters too.

8. Take chances with your work

If you’ve ever travelled, remember how it changed your perspective, gave you a bigger view of the world, got you thinking outside your own street. Now apply that to your work. Different types of jobs give you new insights that you can take with you and make you more ‘interesting’ Be open to stretching your capabilities.