Partnering with the Interaction Design Foundation

At Harness, we believe a strong learning experience in UX design is best achieved through a deep understanding of UX principles and methods and applying that knowledge in real-world project environments.

That is why we have partnered with world leaders in UX design curriculum – the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF). Delivering the best in UX design instructional material, which you can then apply while working on a project with one of our company partners. All guided by our UX experts from industry.

“Learning is a lifelong journey and when you want to advance your career, content matters. You shouldn’t take any risks with your design education, and your course content should be evidence-based and rigorous. At the IDF, we have worked incessantly since 2002 on perfecting our content” says Mads Soegaard, IDF’s Co-Founder. “Our content, combined with IDF Course Certificates are sure to make a great impact on your career, and are continually gaining industry relevance.”

Headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark since 2002, The Interaction Design Foundation is a nonprofit initiative with the goal of democratizing high quality Design education and is one of the world’s leading online providers of UX knowledge. They currently have over 15,000 active members and 475 member groups in 88 countries worldwide. Today, the IDF collaborates with top universities such as Stanford, Cambridge, as well as such noted authors as Clayton Christensen, Alan Dix and Don Norman, to share their knowledge with over a million designers every month.

Harness Projects are thrilled to offer the very best of IDF’s design curriculum, embedded in our project learning framework. Our expert UX mentors from industry will guide you through your UX design project, to solve meaningful company problems. This is a great way to not only learn and embed real UX design skills but also add a portfolio piece to your CV that you will be proud of. Through our project-based learning framework you will also develop your behavioral skills that are increasingly sought after by employers. Strengthening your communication, collaboration, resilience and empathetic skills will give you the best possible support for a fulfilling career in UX design and beyond.

Learners who sign-up to one of our projects will also get 12 months free access to the IDF suite of UX design courses and their global community.

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