A Changing World

As we all come to terms with a new reality and bunker down for a while because of the coronavirus, it seems the universe is speaking directly at us  – telling us to just slow down, take a deep breath, catch up on all our favourite Netflix shows or spend more time in the garden.

Many of us will be working or studying from home during this period which will no doubt shift our perception of how and where this can happen. We’re now finding out that there is much we were told could not be done remotely that indeed, can be done remotely! But as this style of work increases, It’s hard to imagine how employers won’t increasingly rely on individuals who can demonstrate strong online workplace skills; like being well organised, team focused and collaborative, and with strong communication skills like listening and presenting. Now might be a perfect time to learn or practice these skills to build up our confidence.

I think many of us feel that events like what we are currently experiencing forces us to rethink what’s important and re-calibrate, in order to bring more meaning and purpose to our lives moving forward – be it spending more quality time with families or finding a career of work that brings us greater fulfillment and purpose.  Chris, myself and the team all believe strongly in the importance of purpose in organisations and people and are heartened to witness how these organisations now financially outperform others and provide a clearer view for us of where the future of work lies.

In this emerging future, one thing that also seems clearer is the need for us to come together and work on impact projects in more creative, meaningful and collaborative ways. Solving our global challenges will not only require a diversity of skills and an even more empathic approach, but a different perspective on the dynamic environments that have led to the many challenges we face. We can all play a role in some way. At Harness, we have always believed that education that focuses on solving real problems in a collaborative way is the best kind – especially when it helps lift the profile and impact of purpose companies and initiatives.

We launched Harness Projects with a focus on teaching UX design because we understand that strong digital designers possess the creative, technical and human skills required to design and execute solutions for a more sustainable future. We know this is also where many of the jobs of the future will exist and our greatest hope is to prepare people for that future. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support our mission at Harness Projects. We believe strongly in you and your future.

Be Well
Mike & Chris