Lendlease and Harness Projects partner in response to Covid-19

We are excited to announce a special partnership with Lendlease’s Bright program and their new and inspirational Digital High St initiative.

As we all adapt to a world that has seemingly changed overnight, millions of employees have now made the transition to working from home. The accommodation, food, arts and recreation industries are struggling enormously and we are all practicing social distancing and feeling isolated, wondering what life will look like on the other side. This is a critical moment in history and we must stay connected to our communities, supporting each other, looking after our own health and preparing ourselves for what will never be the same moving forward.

Bright’s Digital High Street initiative is leading the way; serving as a mechanism for the people and community in the Darling Square area; bringing attention and support to the local residents, services and businesses. Harness Projects is a proud Bright member and we are excited to announce we will be a major contributor to one of the key pillars of this initiative; think.bright Future focused ideas and education for the new world.

Harness Projects is passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to grow through project based learning. In a future where many of the roles we currently do will be replaced with many more new and different ones, our projects are delivering the digital skills and human attributes this future needs to solve the many problems our world faces.

To support Bright’s Digital High Street initiative, Harness Projects will be creating a range of video interviews with thought leaders, futurists, local business owners, entrepreneurs and creative minds. Our goal is to bring valuable insights and learnings to the Darling Square community; covering topics such as:

  • Retail and hospitality trends
  • Emerging industries
  • The future of education
  • The rise of purpose
  • Skills for the future of work
  • Emerging business models
  • Human centred design
  • Sustainability
  • And more!

These conversations will help all Darling Quarter tenants not only be as informed as possible about emerging paradigms, but inspired to play a role in creating a Bright future. As Maya Angelou said, “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.”