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Ready to launch a career in Digital Marketing

Ready to launch a career in Digital Marketing

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  • Course Duration 6 months
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  • Class size Max 12 students
  • Next Intakes February 25th 2021
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What you’ll learn
During your Digital Marketing you will develop the confidence to apply the full range of Digital Marketing skills needed to be successful in this profession. We’ll start with the fundamentals and then extend your skills into Social, Google & Optimisation.

Customer Journey Mapping

Analysing a customer or end-users decision making journey is an important technique in learning what behavior drives actions or lack of action. Here we delve more deeply into the psychology of human behavior and learn how to draw up maps that reflect the internal emotional and decision making journey of our target audiences.

How it will be practiced and demonstrated

During your project, you will practice developing a customer journey map following your customer research activities. This will form part of your research report and drive the approach you take in your UI designs.

Problem Statements & User Stories

A problem statement is a concise description of a problem or issue a project seeks to address. A user story is an informal, general explanation of a software feature written from the perspective of the end user.

How it will be practiced and demonstrated

You will learn how to develop problem statements and user stories in order to drive your design process forward from a user-centric perspective. This technique is a fundamental part of UX design and Product Management and is used extensively in related fields in agile approaches to work.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering is the practice of interviewing key stakeholders of a project to understand what is required to be solved. This is an important skill for anyone working in the world of problem solving, which these days affects almost all career paths.

How it will be practiced and demonstrated

All of our projects include direct access to a company stakeholder who will form the client on your project. You will get an opportunity to learn how to capture business requirements from stakeholders through a live workshop and translate this into meaningful actions to drive your design, product or marketing process during your project.


Prototyping is the stitching together of your wireframes into a format that can be interacted with. Typically used for usability testing, getting feedback from stakeholders or to simply to test out an interaction before investing more heavily in its development. You will get an opportunity to practice prototyping on our fundamentals and advanced usability & wireframing projects.

How it will be practiced and demonstrated

During your project, you will learn how to put together a prototype using a leading UX tool called Figma. Students in our fundamental projects will learn general interactions and linking. Advanced students will take things a step further, add advanced interaction functionality to their prototype and learn how to prepare hand-off documentation.


Sketching is recommended as a fast and light-touch method of getting your initial design ideas down on paper. It can be used as a feedback tool or simply to formulate your own thinking during your design process. You don't need to be an artist to sketch well, simply learning some of the basics can help to get your design started on the right foot.

How it will be practiced and demonstrated

During your project, you may be required to sketch out your design ideas before committing the extra effort to create a wireframe or prototype. Not just a UX Design step, this technique can be useful to learn for Product Managers and Digital Marketers alike.


Synthesis is an approach to converging information into a format that is meaningful and communicable. As a UX Designer your design is only as good as your ability to communicate why it is, the way it is. By practicing synthesis of research and translating this into specific UX presentation formats, you will start to build a story for your design. Perhaps one of the most important parts of being a great designer is your storytelling.

How it will be practiced and demonstrated

During your project, you will be required to synthesise your research findings using a variety of techniques that we will teach you. Your research synthesis will be critical to supporting your design proposal to your client.

Usability Testing

When we have access to an existing product, usability testing is a staple of the iterative design process. It enables UX Designers & Product Managers to learn what works and what doesn't from their product designs and is another effective method of customer research.

How it will be practiced and demonstrated

Students on our UX & Product Fundamentals projects as well as our Advanced Prototyping projects will get an opportunity to practice running usability testing sessions to get feedback from end-users and inform their final designed solution.


Wireframes are the blueprints of the final design presented to end users. We strip out a lot of the 'aesthetics' and focus primarily on the structure of pages / screens so we can get our information structured effectively and ultimately solve the initial user tasks that were identified earlier in the design process.

How it will be practiced and demonstrated

During your project, you will put together wireframes for your design solution using a leading UX tool called Figma. Our UX Design and Product Management students will get a chance to present their wireframed solution to represent the solution design they have created for their client.

Upcoming Projects

View our available Digital Marketing Course intakes below. Each course includes a Fundamentals PM Project, an Social Media project, an SEM Project and an Optimisation project. Register your interest to receive an information pack and speak to a Harness Projects representative.

February 25th 2021 Intake
PACKAGE OF 3 PROJECTS | 12 places remaining!
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Design a digital solution to improve the re-use and re-distribution of children furniture

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UX Design/UX Career Launcher
available project

Design a digital solution to improve the re-use and re-distribution of children furniture

Sorry, this project is now closed!
Advanced Prototyping
Matt Webb

UX Design Lead Google


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Unlike traditional qualifications, we will provide you with industry relevant certification that is co-signed by both the company partners and the industry leading mentors you collaborated with. Use this on your Linkedin profile and resume to show off your real world experience and growing network.

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